What Makes the ABD Different?

What Makes the ABD Different?

What makes the ABD different?

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“There is no need to reinvent the wheel…”    

“Unless it is time the wheel was reinvented!”

What the ABD is NOT

The ABD is not ‘just another community’ where we wish to ply you with our products and services!

It is equally not the type of community that allows you to voice your opinion, but leaves you no further forward in YOUR dream!

You may already be a member of a number of other such ‘support’ groups.  Many of these are set up by marketers to sell you more of their products!  Others are set up by well meaning people without a long term support infrastructure.
These groups DO hold value!

We believe that many of these do provide great value… for a while…  Whilst you are at a particular stage on your journey…

They may also provide you with the opportunity to pick up some great friends along the way.

We encourage you to create your own where they can genuinely help you!
What the ABD IS …

Like other communities the ABD provides you with the opportunity to find new like minded friends, who truly ‘get’ you and your vision.

Beyond this, although it is a worn out cliche, the ABD is different!

The ABD is YOUR community, where we aim to avoid distracting you with advertising, or by us saying ‘hey!  Buy this new product or program’!  Or ‘look what your friend is up to’!

Just think for a while, how much time disappears when you use facebook or similar, with all the distractions on every page?!!

Instead, we provide you with  a sanctuary (minus all those distractions), where you can think, relax, feel inspired, meet new friends, and/or move your business along (if you have one).  

Connexion to yourself, and to others…

We aim to support your vision or dream by creating an environment where you can ‘hear yourself think’ and to clearly connect with your own thoughts.  Beyond this you will find opportunities to connect and  to collaborate, and to find the missing people and skills that can help with your particular vision… In your own time, following your own train of thought!

Anyone could potentially bring value to you or someone else, and equally you may have the missing piece to help someone else’s vision.

To this end the ABD is designed to  help you with manifesting your dream, anywhere on the continuum... from before you even recognize it!…  All the way through to being a thriving business... Or simply enjoying what you do…

And we have a number of areas, built to support and inspire you, along your journey.  Stay tuned for more details... Or, check us out here, at www.The-ABD.com

We welcome your feedback - what's a dream you have... maybe one you think just can't be done. but you love it anyways...

Please share it with us... you never know who else might see it, and feel inspired by it... or share a similar dream, and maybe be 1 or 2 steps ahead of you, and able to offer you inspiration for taking your next step...

May all your dreams come true...


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