Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision for the World is a level playing field and a place where everyone has equal access to the greatest possible health, wealth and happiness.


Our vision for the Authentic Business Directory is a sanctuary where people will be inspired to live their own lives in peace, in line with their true values, whilst also feeling inspired to help and encourage others to do the same.

A sanctuary where limiting beliefs are dissolved, and childhood (and adult!) dreams and beliefs are allowed to flourish...

…a community that truly has a place for everyone



To help people find the confidence to take back their power and make choices for themselves. To inspire and empower people to take responsibility for their own wealth, health, and self preservation!

To create the world's largest online and offline community that encourages people to put passion and respect back at the centre of their lives.



Our values can be summarised by saying that we believe in people (including ourselves) treating others as they would choose to be treated themselves...

Additionally, we believe in the power of people working together, not just in teams, intended to compete with each other, but rather as a single 'family' consisting of every living human being...

In our view, there is nothing to be gained by fighting people with a different views.  We would rather show what else is possible by working together, and inspire others to take the same path...




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