The Road to Resilience

The Road to Resilience

Biomimicry, Meshworks & Peer Collaborations



“The conscious emulation of Nature’s genius” Janine Benyus.


“Meshworks integrate the self-organizing webs of relationships” M. Hamilton

Peer Collaborations

“Creating communities of peer networks from diverse social values & backgrounds” S.B. Hodgetts


Resilience is not a fixed outcome but a continually developing process.  This can be shown within the context of Biomimicry, the emerging science which asks ‘How would Nature do that?’  If we consider that Nature has been adapting to changing conditions for 3.8 billion years, then what has survived has been road tested to the extreme.  So when we look at a flowering plant, besides it’s beauty to the human eye, what are the functions of individual parts or what is it’s role in it’s immediate ecosystem?  How does it contribute to the latter’s resilience?

Whilst Meshworking originated in psychology (the emergence of patterns in the brain) “Meshworks enable innovation & new solutions because the nature of self-organizing is to connect agents within the boundary of a system” (Hamilton)

I propose that we can look to examples in Nature for the potential to create Meshworks that enable Peer Collaborations leading to a socially just & ecologically sustainable world that others will wish to inherit.   An example may be found in the way ants collaborate within their community when sourcing new food sources by leaving a pheromone trail that followers contribute to for the benefit of all.

To enable this we require a platform for communication & connectivity that allows individuals to feel safe in contributing to a resilient future.  Such a platform has recently emerged where you can claim your page in the Authentic Business Directory.

I have been watching this develop over the last year, during which time I have actively contributed for it is neither cold nor top down led – a rarity in online groups.

Spencer B. Hodgetts




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