The ABD “Know, Like, and Trust” Recipe…

The ABD “Know, Like, and Trust” Recipe…

For Those Who Have, or are Developing, A Business…

Know, Like and Trust

One of the greatest challenges of creating a new business these days is to get our potential customers to ‘know like and trust’ us.

The majority of marketing techniques on the internet are being recognised as ‘dying’.  Trust has been so devastated by desperate marketers, that it’s almost impossible to be heard by our potential customers. Everyone has become so cynical!

The ABD Recipe for Know, Like and Trust

YOUR part is to provide as much relevant information on your page, to allow potential customers and collaborators to get to ‘know you.

This leaves it up to your CUSTOMERS and COLLABORATORS whether they ‘like what they read!

The ABD aims to become a thoroughly trusted platform.  We take care of the “trust” part of the recipe… with a 5 Star rating system that’s built on the eBay model… If you have a page in the ABD and your reviews say you can be trusted, then you can be trusted!

And remember, "By ourselves we can make a difference... Together we can change the world"...

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May all your dreams come true...

ABD Know Like and Trust Recipe


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