The ABC’s of the ABD

The ABC’s of the ABD

The ABD Building BlocksThe ABC’s of the ABD

Well, it’s still early days in the ABD.  And we’re looking closely at our ABD “building blocks” - that are aligned with the natural, organic principles of life on planet Earth… A community of like-minded, heart-centered people, who are wanting to participate in co-creating a better world…

And thus this post about the ABC’s of the ABD:

A is for Authentic people finding and sharing their heart’s dream… both sharing and receiving support, “next steps” and services, in a friendly, supportive community…

B is for “By ourselves we can make a difference, together we can change the world”.

C is for Community & Camaraderie, Connexion & Communication, Collaboration & Cooperation… and Celebration!!!

Oh, and the “D” in ABD?  Well, that’s for Dreams… your Dreams!!

D is also for difference!  We’re a community committed to supporting you, on your journey… however you see and want that support.  Unlike many communities, we’re neither about following a leader (unless that leader for you is you)… nor about marketing/trying to sell you something you neither need nor want: We’re an advertising-free zone.

If you want to check us out, and find out how to become part of an amazing community of people who simply want to support you in sharing your passion, or in making a difference in the world… in your own timing, and however you feel comfortable… come on in, and have a look –

Where are you at, in discovering and manifesting your own dream?  Please share with the rest of us… maybe your dream will provide just the inspiration someone else needs on their journey…

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