Part 2: Next Steps re Your Listing Page

Part 2: Next Steps re Your Listing Page

Already Claimed your Listing Page...

and Want to Know Some Next Steps?


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Congratulations!!  You’ve now got your listing page, and are a full-fledged member of the ABD community.  Welcome.  We’re truly delighted to have you along for the journey, and look forward to getting to know you!

Adding more details to your listing page

If you’d like, when claiming your page in the Directory, it’s helpful to add another short paragraph, to help the reader connect more deeply with your focus and gifts,  in the “More About Me and How I Aim to Help and Inspire You” section…

But it’s not a necessary part of claiming your page…  This step allows you to get feedback, via the Star Rating System in the ABD, from others who interact with you.  (However, answering those first three questions you’ve completed is sufficient to complete the essential steps in the listing page process).

And Some Next steps...

So, where to now?  Well, to learn more about the ABD, we suggest you:

  • Read the “Pleased to Meet You” document here – it concisely offers information about all the different areas in the ABD community. 

  • Ask to join the ABD Facebook group which you can find here, where messages are posted to keep you up-to-date, and where you can ask any questions you have (and get to see questions others have that you might not have thought of yet). 
  • Ask to be added to the Greeting Meeting Skype group, by filling in your Skype details here – these are one hour orientation meetings, that are currently held on a weekly basis – you’re welcome to find one that fits your time schedule and stop by… or to attend more than one, if you want to meet others, or have additional opportunities to hear about the various areas, or to ask questions.

The intent of the Greeting meetings is to help make it easy and comfortable for  you to meet some of the other people in the ABD, and to learn more about the  ABD platform and all that’s offered here.  It’s a great place to bring your  questions… And to have some fun!

Welcome to the ABD community!!

“By ourselves we can make a difference, but together, we can change the world…”



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