May All Your Dreams Come True

We all need help to manifest our Dreams

For those of us willing to dream, each one of us is looking for a variety of people to help us with different aspects of that dream…

How do you find someone to help you with the basics, such as how best to present your image online?

…and how do you make the best use of programs like skype and wordpress?
…and will you need, and how will you find, a website designer?
…and how about web site builder?
…or how about someone who can help you with webinars, autoresponders, social media, and so on…

Have you had enough of buying into big programs that overwhelm you with ‘everything’, but don’t actually provide you with the specifics that you thought you were buying it for?

Maybe, you want to find the relevant expert or mentor to help you, on YOUR timetable…

This is what led us to create the Authentic Business Directory.

Where it started

Paul and myself started to look for opportunities to make a little extra cash on the internet a few years ago. We ‘met’ through one of these many ‘make money online’ opportunities.

We both had got past the stage of being conned into investigating ‘get rich quick’ schemes, but with this particular product we still found it very difficult to make any money, whilst still maintaining our personal integrity and values.

I am sure you have come across a number of similar ‘opportunities’! Like numerous others, it relied on us ‘marketing’ the product, and neither of us are fans of a number of conventional marketing techniques, as they feel far too ‘manipulative’.

On a more positive note, we had each come across a number of superb communities for people with a specific passion, such as coaching or writing. These communities are a great way to find ‘like-minded’ people to discuss ideas relevant to a specific topic.

The ‘missing piece’ we felt was how useful it would be to know more about the individuals within these communities. We may already be kindred spirits, and not even know it!

What we really wanted was access to ‘everyone’ that could help us... People who really want to help with the other things we needed, and not just the like-minded people, or marketers who just want to sell their latest product!

Connection, and community?

Your dream may be to run your own online business centered around a particular passion, or simply to share a passion with other enthusiasts, and or it may be to actually discover what your passion is!

Or, it may be simply to help others with their passions.

Many of us have belonged to a number of online communities, and having a shared interest is great, but what has been missing up until now is to able to easily tell others both what we are interested in sharing ourselves, and also what we are specifically searching for…

This is what the Authentic Business Directory aims to help you with:

A place to tell the world YOUR dream, and what truly matters to YOU, and more importantly, how YOU can help others, and how YOU are looking to be helped…

It doesn’t matter whether you already have a business, or ‘just’ a dream, or simply would like to learn more about yourself, and what your dream might be.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a coach, an author, a website designer, or a plumber…

Or simply want to help others with their dreams.

As long as you are passionate about honesty, integrity and service, the ABD is for YOU!

Claim your page and tell the world that you are ready to Act on your beliefs, and Believe in your Dreams…

May all YOUR dreams come true…


Ian Sumner -


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