It’s CELEBRATION Time in the ABD!!!

It’s CELEBRATION Time in the ABD!!!

Well, it’s been an exciting time here in the ABD for the past couple of months. As you may have noticed, all our messages recently have been focused on our joint venture, supporting the “New Story of Marketing’s” recent movie launch. (They’re another community that celebrates the values that we all hold near and dear, in our ABD heart

So now we’re celebrating!!!

It was a fabulous learning curve for many of us, who jumped into our individual and collective “discomfort zone”. We learned a TON! Here’s what that felt like for some of us:

Donna May – I am celebrating that I connected with other ethical and social entrepreneurs – and I got over 40 new Twitter followers! I think this project was great in bringing the ABD community together and helping increase awareness and enthusiasm for what we are all about!

Elliott Robertson – I enjoyed discovering who else is in the community, and learning about what they have to offer (when I read the final section of the e-book).

Spencer Hodgetts – I’m celebrating that we successfully collaborated both within the ABD for our gifts, and with the ABD’s first joint venture partner in their video launch.
I’m celebrating it gave me the opportunity to achieve Top Contributor in 7 of 24 Linked-In groups (total membership 236,946 and of the 7, 197,068). I’m celebrating it gave me the opportunity to listen to others’ opinions, connect with a new audience, and learn
where my future work may focus.

deb svanefelt – I’m celebrating how I learned, with collaboration, to put together an e-book in a pretty short time frame... And having moved through my anxiety about Twitter... now, in just a few days, I’ve tweeted/re-tweeted over 350 times (it’s fun, and so easy!)... and I now have over 200 followers!! Mostly, I’m thrilled about learning to support our community and our JV partners... the power of collaboration and finding

Gayle Lee – I found collaborating in this joint venture to be uplifting, insofar as to bring a feeling of purpose, community and love more fully present in my life. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity and thank each and every one of the contributors and the 7 Graces/NSoM for the idea in the first place. Much love, Gayle.

Lure Wishes - I’ve really enjoyed being part of this venture with the ABD. Through it, I’ve got to know some of the folks in the ABD a lot more, and I really appreciate these new connections. I can see so many possibilities for us all to work together, and it is exciting! This collaboration has also given me the nudge to make my first step into the world of Twitter. There are many more to take, but what a great start!

Margaret Soloway - I'm so grateful for this joint venture. Such a delightful adventure! So many people catching the wave of light, love & awareness! It created the space for my healing talents to stretch into. I'm learning so much with the technology & how wonderful it is to have such patient people to walk me thru it all! LOL. Thanks for

Paul Binks - It was great to see a community of a few create and achieve so much! If you look at that on a global scale anything can be achieved! What the ABD set out to do was only possible by a community coming together. It was good to hear from people that they got out of their comfort zone to explore new areas, creating new skills that can be put to use to push their own dreams forward... A great effort and great potential for future collaborations.

Marvin Hepburn - As someone who has always done things by myself, this collaboration has showed me that working with others really does work! I don’t have to be a loner anymore, which takes a tremendous weight off my shoulders. I also learned that you don’t need to know how to do everything, just taking positive action is enough. I was able to put together a mini tweeter campaign and I don’t even know how to use twitter! The thing about it is that I probably wouldn’t have done it if I was just doing it for myself - the fact that it was for our community made me follow through.

Next Steps with Our Dreamers’ Guide –

In addition to moving us all forward, individually and collectively (gotta love those win-
win-wins!), we also now have our beautiful “ABD Dreamers’ Guide”.

Dreamers Guide Cover

We’re in the process of re-editing it (with our focus moving back towards now promoting the ABD, rather than the recent join venture opportunity). We have many ideas of how to use our Dreamers’ Guide to increase awareness of the ABD. And we’re open to hearing your ideas too! The editing includes edits in the Bonus gift section, where the 24 ABD Dreamers each offered a free gift.
Within editing this section, there are some new opportunities:

1) For Dreamers who claimed a page in the e-book and have offered a free gift,
please get in touch with deb svanefelt (either in our facebook community page, via skype message on our Steering Crew page, or via private message on facebook). Let me know your wishes please, about your free offer in the upcoming edition of the Dreamers’ Guide:

• Do you want to keep your free gift still, in the new e-book?

• Are there changes you want to make to your gift for this edition?

• Do you want to delete your gift, and opt out of this version?

If we don’t hear back from you, our respectful default position will be to delete your gift.

2) For ABD Dreamers who didn’t claim a page in the 1st Guide, if you want to jump into this next edition, please also contact deb svanefelt, and confirm this. In this case, you’ll need to prepare: version of the Dreamers’

• A statement/comment about what you love about the ABD model/values/beliefs... Just one sentence to one short paragraph, about how our community has touche something in your heart – what is that?

• A free gift that you’d like to offer to readers of the e-book. This needs to be something downloadable, like a PDF or an MP3. Or a free discovery coaching session to each reader (or to however many sessions you want to offer – if there’s a limit, please make sure you state the total number). Your gift will be linked back to your ABD listing page, where you can add as much detail as you’d like about your gift, and how you’d like the reader to contact you.

In addition, we’d love to have your ideas as well, on how we can use our new e-book to promote our community online. If you have some creative insights, we welcome you to either attend one of our Steering crew meetings on Wednesday evenings, from 9 to 10 pm UK time (that’s 4 to 5 EST). Everyone’s welcome, whether you’ve attended meetings before or not.

If that timing isn’t convenient (with our apologies, we already have a global community, with almost 24 hour time differences we’re trying our best to accommodate), please feel welcomed to contact Ian Sumner to chat individually. We’re working hard to ensure everyone has access to sharing contributions.

Thank YOU!!

And on that note, whether you were able to contribute to the 1st Dreamers’ Guide or not... whether you’ve attended many or no meetings... whether you know many other Dreamers in the ABD or just the one person who may have helped you find us to claim your listing page in the Directory... whether you’re a quiet person or an extrovert... No matter who you are, and how you’re currently participating in our community, we want you to know it’s perfect!


Thank you for adding your beauty-full, unique energy to our community. We look forward in grand anticipation to our ongoing journey, receiving and sharing with you!
We’re celebrating YOU and your Dream... and how we’re all moving forward, each in our own way, together!

Given our celebration of this recent joint venture, both within the ABD and with a New Story of Marketing/7 Graces, we’re also remembering (and paraphrasing somewhat...) that...

And that’s worth celebrating!!


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