Digging into Connection

Digging into Connection

Digging into Connection

Happy New…

First of all, I want to open this inaugural ABD blog post by wishing you a happy new year.

Because, even though it’s a couple of weeks behind us, in terms of the calendar, the concept of welcoming new-ness matters. Whether you’re beginning a new year, or a new habit… a new friendship or a new business… honoring and acknowledging the newness matters.

Here at the ABD, we’re honoring newness all the time. On a large scale, we’re promoting a big new vision for all of us – one that welcomes opportunities to collaborate, to build a heart-full community of like-mindeds, one that’s based on honoring the dreams we all have.

Sometimes that means finding your dream, your passion in life... You know, the one that’s absolutely unique to you… that’s your version of making the world a better place.

Sometimes it means sharing what inspires you with others…

Sometimes it means just finding your next step on the journey you’re on, that moves you one step ahead.

One thing’s for sure – we all get further when we support each other, and have others to nurture and support us too. It’s the ultimate win-win-win. It’s all about connection…

A Story about Digging into Connection

I was thinking about the importance of connection yesterday, while engaging in one of those “crazy-sounding” activities – in the middle of January, I was spending some time walking barefoot outside.

I know… it sounds weird and wacky (and thank goodness I’m in England rather than home in Canada doing this in sub-zero Canadian temps!). Why on earth would I dress in winter coat, hat, scarf and mitts, to go for a barefoot meander out on the grass? It was cold out there!!!

Well, for one, here’s what I got to look at, out there…

abd blog - photo1 - Jan 2014

On Connection

Not too hard to take right?

But more importantly, it’s all about connexion... I’d read about this new movement called “Earthing”, that promotes the idea of increasing personal health and vibrancy, via walking barefoot outside every day. Although there are fancy Earthing gizmos you can buy to use inside, the simple, and free version is just that… Walk outside, for at least 20 minutes, in bare feet – it’s about your feet being in connection with the Earth.

ABD blog photo 2 Jan 19th 2014 110

Digging into Connection

Pretty straightforward, right? (If a little chilly, in January...)

Though the founder was ridiculed for a long time for his ideas, seems science has finally caught up to him. Turns out, having a direct connection (skin to skin, as it were) with the Earth, on a daily basis, can promote better health…. No wonder there are so many signs of health imbalances… physical, emotional and mental in nature – when was the last time you left your plastic soled shoes behind, and actually scrunched your feet in the earth?

For most people, we spend most of our days either inside, or rushing from one place to another when outside… in shoes of man-made products.

Anyway, so, there I was, on a pretty blustery day in North Devon, experimenting with this…

And thinking about the power of connection, in our lives.

It’s what the ABD model is based on – the power to connect all of us together, in one community… where we collaborate together, sharing our dreams and gifts with each other. And having fun...

ABD blog Stone friends Jan 2014

Digging Connexions

As with Earthing, it’s a simple idea. But profoundly powerful…

It reminds me of a favorite quote from Margaret Mead, who deeply understood the power of connection – “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

Here at the ABD, one of the founding partners says it a bit differently, though at heart, it’s the same message: “By ourselves, we can make a difference… together, we can change the world.”

A Next Step…

Interested in finding out more about the ABD, and how it can help connect you, to what you’re looking for?   Here’s the link: http://the-abd.com/

Or you can check out our Facebook inspiration page here at: https://www.facebook.com/AuthenticBusinessDirectory

Contributor – deb svanefelt… If you’d like to learn more about my services, you can find me here: http://authenticbusinessdirectory.com/business-directory/885/deb-svanefelt-2/

How are you helping awaken your own dream for a better world? Or collaborating with others to do so?  We’d love to hear from you….


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