Creating Your ABD Listing Page

Creating Your ABD Listing Page

The Big Splash: Creating Your ABD Listing Page in the ABD

The Welcome Splash... C'mon in....

That Lovely Welcome Splash... C'mon in....

It’s confession time - Maybe you’re like me, and get easily swamped, by technology and online forms to fill out.  I decided to blog about this, just in case there are a few more of us out there, who feel like kindergarteners re technology!  (And, if you’re ok with technology, this information will still help you in the process).

So, here’s the skinny on how to fill out your ABD listing page.  Claiming your page will give you access to all the goodies in the ABD community… including meeting other like-minded souls, and having others to connect with, who either share your dream or want to support you in developing it.

And it’s much easier than you may be thinking.  There are really only two parts to it.

Step 1 – Creating Your Account

First, when you click on the “Create Your Listing” button, you’ll be taken to a page where you register your account.  It’s simple to fill out - just your user name, email address, first and last name.  Only takes about... hmmm, less than a minute.

Now you have an account (hooray!!)… But don’t stop there… you still don’t have your listing page yet!

Step 2 - Creating Your Listing Page

There are only 3 essential components you need, to get your listing page up and running:

1.   Your name.  If you own a business, this is still your personal name, not your company’s name.  The listing pages are set up for people, not companies.  (There are fields within your listing page where you will be able to put information about your business).

2.   A photo of you – The purpose here is to allow people to connect with you!  Studies have shown there’s a huge difference between people reading on, when there’s a friendly face.... versus when there isn’t (even adding an icon or a piece of art doesn’t have the same effect).

So a head shot, with a friendly, smiling face looking straight into the camera, is wonderful here.  And it’s also best without sunglasses (people want to connect most deeply by looking into your eyes), or a hat (it creates shadows on your face).

3.   Your vision, passion or business.  This doesn’t need to be elaborate.  Or eloquently worded.  It’s just something about your dream, or something you feel passionate about, that others will want to connect with you about.  And if you don’t know how to clarify this yet, that’s ok too.  Just say that - that you’re looking for help in discovering what really matters to you.

This also does not need to be about a business.  It can be a hobby, or an interest of yours; something you want to learn more about; something that inspires you.  Then others who share that interest, or hobby will have an opportunity to connect with you about it.

Answering these first three questions is sufficient to create your listing page.

And, also importantly, (given feedback we’ve received from others who hesitated to claim their page)… this process is not about perfection.  You don’t need to “have it all together”, or be able to express it perfectly, or even to see all the pieces of your dream.

It’s just a beginning place.  It’s your page, and you can come back to it to make adjustments, add and/or subtract sentences, change things around… as often as you like (some people have done over 20 revisions to date).  It’s your page.  And just like you, it will continue to unfold over time, as you do.

It’s as simple as that.  Within the next 5 minutes, you could be part of an awesome community of like-minded souls, all of whom are committed to making the world a better place to live, in a just and sustainable way… by supporting each other with finding, growing and sharing our dreams… C’mon in, we’d love to have your energy here too…

Ready to wade in now, and claim your page?  Just click here

May All Your Dreams Come True

***And, once you’ve claimed your page, for further possibilities about next steps for you, c’mon back here, and click here.


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