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Gayle Lee

Gayle Lee
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Meditation; Art and Movement through Meditation; Spiritual and Shamanic Healing.


I believe people want to live joyfully. I believe people want to live well with ease and grace. I believe people have the right and want to do what they love and be paid for it. My dream is to help as many people as I am able to do just that.

I help people to find the truth within them so they may free themselves from guilt, fear and worry. I am here to help you discover your inner JOY and POWER so you can shine like the STAR you are, have always been and always will be. I am very passionate about helping people feel the freedom in their lives as I did and I am continuing to find that freedom, joy, love and power in my life on a daily basis through choice.

I invite you to join me.

On the Central Coast of NSW Australia

No - Sorry!
I will be able to travel short distances

People of like mind with complimentary services to help people heal and or are technologically savvy. I would like to connect with people who can build simple
websites and are good with technology.

Feedback on my artwork is appreciated and encouraged.

My Art Gallery

I gently guide you inside yourself to find your soul's music. I ask you to fill yourself up on your music, every nook and cranny of your being, until you feel you cannot help but move. This is your natural rhythm. I ask you to allow your rhythm to "become". Just allow your music to blossom and as you move to your rhythm an answer will come naturally and effortlessly. You will know that an energy shift has taken place when your movement changes. That is when I ask you to draw what you're feeling (some people have come to me that are challenged by stick figures and do wonderful work regardless). Once your drawing is done we discuss it. I have you sit with your drawing for one to two weeks (divine timing comes into play here) and then come back and we integrate what has been discovered. I have many tools in my toolkit so I use them as needed.

My vision is to help people find their answers and their joy from within with art and movement through meditation.

My passion is to help people to become who they really want to be, who they came here to be and who they truly are.

My clients are my number one priority and everything I do is to facilitate their discoveries. Confidentiality is key.
My Gift To You
I would like to extend to you, my meditation sampler and one workshop as my free gift, either online or, if you’re geographically local to me, in person (just contact me using the form below).

You can listen to my gift below:

[audio mp3=""][/audio]

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