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Kate Loving Shenk

Prayer Prescription Mentoring

Baby Boomers Gazing At Their Physical Mortality

I aim to help you…
1) I aim to help–alleviate the fear of death.
2) I aim to help–others define a prayer practice for themselves.
3) I aim to facilitate peace of mind and equanimity in the face of life challenges.
4) I am to create a foundation of love and compassion with my clients.
5) I aim to create a profound experience for my clients.

Marina Ormes

astrology, healing, evolution, soul, spiritual

visionaries, holistic healers, those who care about the planet

understand who you are,
know your soul's map,
see the way through challenges,
heal emotionally and spiritually,
manifest your heart's desires

Kevin Schmidt

food + Chef, magazine, chef, cook

Those who love food and care about food sustainability and the art of cooking.

Be entertained and learn more about the importance of local and fresh ingredients in your food choices.

Trish Lane

Transcription, Editing, Word Processing, Business Writing

Anyone who needs assistance with their word processing, writing, editing, transcription for their business or personal dreams.

1. Accuracy is of great importance.
2. Deadlines are met with responsibility.
3. Editing skills to make your business look great.
4. Free up your time for other things.
5. Extraordinary pricing for those improving people's lives or the planet we share.

Marina Malmberg

On-line Stress Therapy, On-line Quantum Yoga instructor certification, retreat in Southern Sweden, telesummits, webinars

helping people in their unique awakening through mastering of Stress Free techniques and Yoga, indivudually chosen for your unique needs and level of consciousness.
Deborah Padilla

Holistic health practitioner, consciousness, coaching

healing artists, teachers, visionaries, missionaries

Increased focus and clarity of purpose
Increased clarity and focus of process
Increased energy
Increased emotional balance and well-being
Decreased pain (physical and emotional)

Barbara Edie

Feature magazine writing, travel writing, non-fiction writing, copywriting, storytelling, signature stories

solo entrepreneurs or small businesses, non-profit organizations, changemakers

- telling (writing) stories that make a difference
- writing feature stories for non-profits and other organizations for marketing or fundraising purposes
- helping individuals or organizations craft their signature story
- copywriting and/or editing website content

Linda Lang

Intuitive Energy Work for Personal Growth and Transformation

people who feel stuck or are unhappy with an area of their life, people who want change and are ready to do their inner work, people on their spiritual path and want more clarity and direction

discover and explore your true self, release unresolved emotional issues and limiting patterns, and improve the health and well-being of your mind, body and spirit using alternative therapies.

Erica Charlesworth

Nurtured Heart Approach®, Personal Finance, Accounting, Gift Economy

Parents, financially confused, those energized by new paradigms, people stuck in an emotional pattern

I am an Inner Meets Outer Wealth Specialist.
Yes, I've made up this title.

My gift is in helping people make their sacred connections between the inner wealth we all can tap into and the outer wealth that is part of the world we appear to live in.

Where this will take you, I can't say. I can say that doing this work has made my journey here on Planet Money infinitely more pleasurable.

Naomi Blank

Mental Health, Business Coaching, Personal Growth, Continuing Education

Mental Health Professionals

by providing a private membership forum to provide professional support to mental health professionals to help them build their practice, find CEU's, access peer supervision and explore new ideas and modalities.