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Patricia Lucock

Patricia Lucock
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Weight Loss through Hypnosis/NLP

People who want change

Helping people to plan for healthy outcomes.
Focus on good nutrition and deeper understanding of food types.
Getting clients started on the road to looking and feeling good about themselves.
Supporting Weight Loss efforts with Hypnosis and NLP.
Creating change in thinking and long term behavioural patterns.

Ainslie, Canberra, Australia


I am great on ideas, creativity, big picture stuff, I need help or support in the technical side of what I want to achieve. I would like help with creating flexible hypnotic recordings to suit individuals, at the moment I produce a generalised product as it is better than nothing.
I want to be able to produce training packages not just for Weight Loss (that’s my first small step) but for helping people quit smoking. For addictions, for memory and study issues, in fact all the areas that people need help and support for to let them achieve at a higher level. I am quite good at developing outlines and creating content as I have a lot of experience in these areas, however, I need assistance again on the technical side even at the level of learning how to use my PC and smart phone properly.
What I want is ethical help from people I feel I can trust, this is harder to find than it should be, so if anyone reading this likes my ideas and would like to be involved, I really need help to manifest this work.

Ainslie Hypnotherapy

I run a Clinical Hypnotherapy practice in Canberra Australia, over the past two years I have had a large number of mostly young women coming in to see me about weight issues. I realised that there was very little easy to understand and good information available to help people make good choices about eating and nutrition. I have even had two Nutritionists come in for help during the past twelve months.
Because of this I wrote a book last year to use in my practice as an aid to my clients and recorded three hypnotic scripts to support the effect and help achieve a quick (as in months not years) outcome.
Now I am taking this idea further and developing an on-line weight Loss program that will cover a two month period of coaching and support as I realised that face to face consultation was too expensive for many of the people who needed to come in for help.
I have not gone down the virtual gastric banding road at this point, not because I do not think that it works, but because I have not satisfied myself that it is the best outcome for most people. I will research the area in more detail as the method gains popularity.
For me I think it is far more important for each person to learn how their body works, to learn to respect and love themselves and to do what is best in every area of their lives, to in effect live the life that they are born to live.
I do not say this in any moral or judgemental manner, I am speaking more from the potential that we all have within us. We live in such a beautiful world, even those war torn and poor parts, When we care for ourselves and for others, when we open our senses to what is possible, and I do this every day in my work, watching people move into confidence and passion, leaving fears and doubts behind and stepping out. It makes me feel such delight and such a deep connection to all things, an appreciation and a sense of valuing what we have and what we can have.
So my intention is to help as many people as possible to learn to eat for physical, mental and emotional health. I want clients to feel so full of good energy that they know in their hearts that they are capable of anything. I want to promote the belief and grow the “How to” knowledge so that we can all teach our children, grandchildren and even our friends and neighbours how to live life to the full, if you feel bad, if you are always tired, then it’s hard to maintain a good life style, it’s easy to become depressed or uncaring of others. I could say a lot more, but I think that’s enough for the moment.

My Gift To You
I am happy to offer 5 complimentary spots in my up-coming Buttout Program. This is a 5 day/5 Module quit smoking with hypnosis and NLP program.

Unfortunately this gift isn't ready until July

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