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Susan L. Dascenzi, MSW, LCSW

Susan L. Dascenzi, MSW, LCSW
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Emotion/Vision Coach, Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Inspiring People to Live their BEST Self

People who feel "stuck" by their negative mind chatter and blocked from living their potential, passions, and purpose, people who wish to uncover their deeper vision, master their emotions, and live the life they choose, anyone who gets caught up in the negative loop of that voice in their head which drowns out the voice of their heart!

Learn to master your emotions and become "friends" with your Ego.
Release negative self-talk and "mind chatter."
Let go of past hurts and experiences that have held you back or "stopped" you in your tracks from moving forward.
Uncover your deeper vision, purpose, and passion.
Feel held, supported, and uplifted to be the BEST you while feeling inspired to share your light with the world.

The southern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, USA.

No - Sorry!
50 miles away.


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For most of my life my motto has been: Inspiring the world one person at a time!

Hi...My name is Susan and I have spent nearly 20 years as a Licensed Psychotherapist and Emotion/Vision Coach, providing counseling and coaching services to individuals, couples, families, groups, and organizations looking to break through the challenges that they encounter in their day-to-day lives.

Maybe it was stress, anger, emotional distraught, mental health issues, work related issues, feeling "stuck" and overwhelmed that they aren't where they want to be in their life, feeling some anxiety or depressive feelings because they just aren't sure how to uncover what holds them back from living the life they desire, or a host of other life challenges that can sometimes catch us and not let go.

I have learned that my willingness to be authentic and vulnerable allowed them the permission and freedom to REALLY explore what was happening under the surface and this provided the empathetic, compassionate, and supported environment they needed to move through their challenges much quicker than in their past experiences. My clients often joked that I was their "personal visionary" as they would exclaim how just a few of our sessions together surpassed months or years with other "traditional" therapists or coaches.

I was always humbled by these expressions of gratitude for I've never felt I've "done" anything other than mirror for them that which they were too afraid to see in a way that helped them feel loved, believed in, supported, uplifted, and ultimately inspired.

To the chagrin of many of my "traditional" colleagues (who often thought I was being a "rebel" in my field and being TOO vulnerable"), I often found myself the most requested.

As an Emotion/Vision Coach and therapist, I assist others in helping to unlock the "prison" of their mind that keeps them "stuck" in that negative mind-chatter loop, which ultimately prevents them from living their potential and purpose. And if purpose and passion are unknown? I assist in helping you to uncover that effortlessly by releasing the old hurts and experiences which have held you back.

Throughout my 50 years of life and nearly 20 years as a therapist and coach, I have found the singular thing that holds most of us back (me included at times!) is FEAR...fear of the unknown, fear of ourselves, fear of our power, fear of success and failure, just fear. And it made me silly to see these fears in my clients when what I saw was a beautiful human being simply struggling a little with no belief in themselves, their infinite power and potential, and feeling like they had no tools or no way "out."

This became my driving purpose and passion - to assist those who have that "inkling" inside but simply aren't sure how to move past that inkling and into action.

We ALL deserve to live our dreams and our passions!! Most of us are just caught in the "thought" that it's for the "other" people - the "special" ones - the "driven" ones - the "lucky" is for EVERYONE!! So I made it my mission to inspire the person at a time to SEE, FEEL, and BELIEVE in themselves, their dreams, their potential, their power, and their infinite ability to create what THEY chose - not what society seemed to choose for them.

I have been honored and humbled by working with thousands of clients through the years - locally and internationally - who feel empowered and inspired to follow their paths - however they chose. As a deeply intuitive Empath, I have been a witness and space holder who knows how to get to the ROOT cause quickly and lovingly.

I am honored to walk this journey with them, and with you, as that is the whole reason I am living in this form, on this planet, at this time of our evolution. We CAN change the world and we CAN change our thoughts and how we "hold" on to the past, so it no longer prevents us from knowing Who We Are...THAT is inspiring and a cause for celebration because THAT is what WILL change the world. I believe in you and I believe in our power to change the world together!


With gratitude, honor, and in service,

Susan 🙂

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Susan L. Dascenzi, MSW, LCSW


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