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Lis Larsen

Lis Larsen
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Mentoring, Natural Leadership, Cultural Integrity, Modern Elders

Women of all ages. find the Voice of Your Wisdom, DeepWisdom and MotherEssence.
And weaving in your healed and whole Cycle of Life, I'm inviting you to experience the Fire and Power in your being.
Your Natural Leadership and Natural Mentoring skills will be the next steps for becoming a Modern Elder ... to support Life on this planet.

Espoo, Finland.
I work locally as well as globally.


...the Wise, the Elders of their profession, experience based knowledge, Earth Based information.
- Your special knowledge and skills may be just what I'm looking for to help women truly make sustainable every day choices in their lives.

I'm looking for visitors for teleseminars and webinars, articles and audios for the Library of Hope, exchange of information in any subject supporting Life.


My Gift To You
Please choose which gift resonates with you.
#1. The ‘3+1 Toolkit for a Wise Woman’ (in pdf-format).
3+1 multi-tasking tools for herself and to support her loved ones, and to find a place of tranquility and peace in everyday life. (Available in English in August. Finnish version available June 4th, 2014).
#2. Introductory mentoring sessions, for the first 4 people who contact me, open in August-September 2014

Please message me in the box below to receive your gift.

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Lis Larsen


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