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Phil Deem

Phil Deem
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Personal development, Small business coaching and training. Business and personal networking.

See who I aim to help

The Many:

That don’t fit, or can’t afford to join other networks.

• Who want to belong to a positive tribe, to share, contribute and grow.

• Young people whose talents and potential are not encouraged or rewarded.

• Low or unwaged, who need to supplement their incomes and lift their potential.

• That are facing a longer working life with smaller pensions.

• Retired with knowledge and expertise they would like to share with others.

• Part time small business owners who need support and need to increase their financial leverage.

• Charities and organisations that have to shake their tins harder to get the same or less, who need more financial sustainability.

Glorious Devon in the UK

No - Sorry!

I'm looking for coaches, trainers and teachers to share their wisdom, expertise and knowledge with our membership


Our Business Model

In essence we represent the emerging paradigm of Social Entrepreneurship, fostering a sharing economy and Conscious Business.

The “Triscale” assists us with our structure in this regard. The circle gives us equality for everyone in or on the circle, all being an equal distance from the centre, as against the still dominant model in organisations and companies of the hierarchy or pyramid where an inequality of reward for contribution is still the norm.

Our Community Members all have the same access to the same services for the same price.

Our Associate Members all have the same opportunity, rewarded by contribution and not by position or status.

My Gift To You
My offer to ABD members and its associated organisations, is a free 15 min Skype business advisory consultation, guaranteed with the signing of non-disclosure agreements if required to ensure confidence and discretion.
Additionally 30 days free membership and access to the services offered by my partner organisation iy, a Business and Personal Growth Community.
Members can: Get a free membership listing, access to a comprehensive range of business and personal growth resources, receive our weekly newsletter, join our online community forum and attend or download our coach club events.

Please message me using the form below to receive your gifts

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