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Lure Wishes

Lure Wishes
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spiritual business owners, small business, healing, heart business, change-agents; women leaders; stress management; service professionals

women heart-based business owners, holistic practitioners; artists; change-agents and service professionals

I help women holistic practitioners, creatives and service professionals who want to step up fully and be successful - with integrity and heart.

Hobart, Tasmania Australia

For workshops and talks - negotiable

I'd love help to get the word out about my programs and offers; possible joint venture partners and to learn about other resources. I'm also interested in joining with others in spreading the word about other models of business and economics at a broader level.
More specifically, I am looking for:
Guest blog posts with people with a similar niche;
e-mags to contribute articles
resources that will offer benefit to my list. I will do a resource review as part of my newsletter;
people that would be willing to review and hence promote my free gifts to their tribe as well;
Speaking engagements;
spots on telesummits;

Please contact me if you would like to work together.


I love this beautiful planet, and I'm guessing you do too. I also imagine that you want to do all you can to make this world, or your little corner of it, a better place. There is so much wonderful work going on now, and so many changes. More and more people are seeking to start their own business, or to bring more of what is truly important for them, into their work.

But I also know that this can be hard and that it can bring many challenges. There can be times of struggle, and of heart-break, and times of disappointment. And of course, there are times of celebration and joy and inspiration. I imagine that you have your share of both.

So how do you sustain the heart of your work?
How do you nourish that part of you that is the inspiration for what you do? Without this nourishment, you can risk burning out. You may even come to resent or hate what you do and who you are serving.

I also believe that there is a solution and that lies in the heart and coming back to it, over and over. Therein lies your source of restoration, of guidance and of wisdom.

The Sustaining the Heart of your Work e-book’s articles and worksheets are to help you nourish your heart so that you can do the amazing things you do. The world needs you and my heart’s desire is to see you shine as you do so.
My Gift To You
You could download the Sustaining the Heart of your Work e-book by clicking here:

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Lure Wishes


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