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Bridget Marsh

Bridget Marsh
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Grow My Small Business,
Find my Niche or Ideal Client,
Is this the right thing for me to be doing right now,

“Roger. 30 years old. Specialist engineer. Runs his own business, wants to grow it but juggling too many roles. Supporting a young family, with wife out at work which she would rather not be but needs to for the money. Doesn’t see enough of his kids, gets home late most days and then has to work on the books. Dreams of taking the family away for an overseas holiday but can’t leave the business long enough and anyway probably can’t afford it. Trying to put money away for the kids to go to university. Something he didn’t do, but wants for his kids., My ideal client is someone I call an ‘expert technician’. That is they are experts in their field (usually a service offering of some kind from massage to design or web development) who has set up their own business because they know they have something special to offer. But the reality is not what they dreamed and they feel stuck, stressed or overwhelmed.

Build your authentic business with ease and grace.
Honouring your highest aspirations for yourself and the healing of the planet.
Clarify your blocks and learn how to move through them.
Achieve your dreams.

Auckland, New Zealand , My programmes are online. I use technology to deliver my coaching.


I am looking for clients, collaborators, jv partners


*** My highest personal values,
1. I will not do work that is unethical, nor work for or with people or businesses who are not ethical.
2. I am becoming more knowledgeable and wiser and I use this for the good of all humanity
3. I live and work in an environment that nourishes my spirit and I am able to share this with others. My work enables others to live their lives according to their highest values.

• I am committed to an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on earth where joy is the daily experience of every person.
• I am committed to helping small business owners to name their bigger purpose and the big problem in the world they are helping to solve and to build great, profitable and satisfying business aligned with this.
• I am committed to a world without violence and anger.
• I want every person to experience the fulfilment that comes from doing work that is meaningful, adds value to society, does no harm to the earth and is aligned with their personal aspirations and highest values.

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Bridget Marsh


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