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Rhonda Durham

Rhonda Durham
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Massage Therapy, Energy Healing, Ancient Wisdom, Transformation Coach, Time Bank Coordinator,

Everyone, Spiritual Seekers, Community Builders, Paradigm Shifters

Restore Your Body;
Ease Your Mind;
Uplift Your Spirit;
Develop Your Intuition;
Create Your Dreams into Reality;
Expand the TimeBank community.
Connect with local community while growing sustainable organic food to share.

I'm located in Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States (Kansas City Metro area) ~ with a 5 acre organic farm near Liberty, Missouri.

30 miles

I'm seeking like minded beings that can see and experience outside of the fear-based enslaving boxes our present society accepts as normal reality.

Connecting with peaceful, kind people that are being the change they want to see in this world to form a network for global (r)evolution.

I'm not sure what kind of joint ventures we can put together but I'd like to make a difference in the way people think.

Also, I don't like spending so much time on the computer. I'm good at some things but I'd rather find someone that loves technology so I can put my full attention on doing what I love and change this world!


Intuitive fusion of energy arts and massage induce profound relaxation that restores your body, eases your mind, and uplifts your spirit. My unique style is gently nurturing for you ~ developed from a life dedicated to training and private studies of ancient mysteries.

Human touch is very nurturing and healing. Applying neuro-mind science and quantum physics with sacred studies of ancient wisdom produces rapid transformation in you and the world you live in. Drawn from my decades of energy practices in Blue Body®, Twilight®, CoreStar®, Reiki, and CranioSacral ~ being seamlessly integrated with ancient healing arts of Thai Yoga Massage with Trigger Points, Chinese Meridians, and Gentle Deep Tissue, are naturally infused in my intuitive Esalen style.

I'll soon be offering my workshops online ~ will be 'testing" here on ABD soon!! Presently I offer a series of 4: The Alchemy of Radiant Health; Quantum Shifts in Mind and Body; Reflections Beyond the Mirror; and Divine Alchemy of Sacred Partnerships.

To be of service in your journey to Consciously Care for yourself is my great honor and joy. Drawing from extensive training and years of practice, your session will always be tailored just for you. I can assist you in developing your own intuition and skills for your personal transformation with joy and harmony for the abundant life you deserve to live.

My ultimate vision is to live in a global community that is sovereign and sustainable in pure cooperation without fiat currency. ALL people have equal value in their contributions to our living world and realize our whole purpose in being is to passionately follow our joy.

My name is Rhonda Durham and I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist, an Intuitive Healing Arts Master, Lifestyle Coach, and TimeBank Coordinator, located in Lee's Summit, Missouri, USA.

Author of the forth-coming book "Loving Yourself Into Life: A Guide to Easily Create a Conscious Lifestyle for Radiant Health"

See my web site to learn more and for special pricing on packages, gift certificates and more.

My Gift To You
In Gratitude, my free offer is an introductory personal coaching. You can even schedule online 24/7!


My Deepest Gratitude,

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Rhonda Durham


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