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Erica Charlesworth

Erica Charlesworth
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Nurtured Heart Approach®, Personal Finance, Accounting, Gift Economy

Parents, financially confused, those energized by new paradigms, people stuck in an emotional pattern

I am an Inner Meets Outer Wealth Specialist.
Yes, I've made up this title.

My gift is in helping people make their sacred connections between the inner wealth we all can tap into and the outer wealth that is part of the world we appear to live in.

Where this will take you, I can't say. I can say that doing this work has made my journey here on Planet Money infinitely more pleasurable.

I am based in Chico, CA, USA

We can probably do whatever needs to be done via Skype or the telephone.

I'm looking for visionaries who can help me take my message to the individual. I know that collectively our economy seems to be crumbling.

I believe that part of the answer lies in the individual's understanding of basic accounting principles, principles that are in operation in our world today...and therefore in reframing, revisioning, rethinking, and nurturing some small and small big changes in how we can and must economically thrive as One.


We are creating a new story of wealth in our lifetimes and I do have a certain ambition to be part of that.

My ultimate vision is to die in peace surrounded by the love that is here now.

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Erica Charlesworth


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