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Gregory Bondi

Gregory Bondi
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Nondual Teachings, Spiritual Mentoring, Inquiry Work

Individuals who have a deep calling to know truth, hear truth and live truth. Individuals seeking for clarity of intention and purpose.

Spiritual Awakening

Inner Peace

Cut through the mind chatter arising from anxious thoughts and unresolved emotions to reveal the essential from the nonessential

Clarify direction, intention, and purpose

And ultimately, connect with the deepest sense of truth and the strength, peace, and clarity to align with your highest potential.

Aptos, California USA

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Having a profound love for mysticism from a very early age, Gregory sought initiation into Western Mystery Traditions, Native South American Shamanism and Vajrayana Buddhism. Driven by intense seeking and an unquenchable thirst to know ‘God’, in his mid thirties, he unexpectedly experienced a penetrating realization of the intrinsic emptiness to all things. This later catalyzed a spiritual awakening. Heavily influenced by the Advaita Vedanta lineage of Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj and Nisargadatta Maharaj, Gregory is drawn to pointed non-dual teachings, but also retains a rich synthesis of knowledge and wisdom gathered from diverse spiritual perspectives and traditions.

Author of Core Constitution and the Diet for Consciousness, The Core Constitution Workbook, and a new work in progress Fire and Emptiness, his teachings arise from deep integrity and a sincere wish to assist those who have an equally deep longing for awakening. Above all, he is committed to helping others uncover their true nature through a direct ‘seeing’ and gain the freedom that comes from a profound ‘knowing’ of Self.

Through a unique form of coaching integrating the use of the tarot and process inquiry, he helps others uncover the essential from the non-essential and bring to the forefront awareness and clarity.

Based in California, Gregory offers spiritual mentoring, study courses, clarity consulting, and sculptures. He has a deep care for the environment, and volunteers as a wildlife rehabilitator for the Santa Cruz Native Animal Rescue.

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Gregory Bondi


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