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Donna May

Donna May
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Do you have a dream or story inside you that you just need to share and learn more from?

Do you have a passion for writing and/or dreams?

Are you looking for a safe person to share your dreams and stories with who won't label you and/or call you crazy?

I can assist you in going to the next level with your life, help you discover, deepen, and dedicate yourself more fully to your soul's calling, and to be your most authentic Self.

I am a therapist, educator, and author of the upcoming book: "Psyche's Call: Putting the Soul Back Into Psychology" (Psyche is the Greek word for Soul).

I tend stories and dreams and have over two decades of experience working with people who have dreams and stories inside them that they need to share with someone.

I am available for individual consultations (office, phone, or Skype). Call me today!

I also facilitate Soul Callings groups, workshops and classes.

FREE OFFERING: Psyche's Call Writing Prompts! To sign up go to:

People with untold stories and dreams inside, wanting to become their most Authentic Self!

I want you to have a safe place to share your dreams and stories, to help you tap into your own dreams, passions, creative impulses and internal truths. I do this via work with dreams, active imagination, writing, art & journeying exercises. I can work with you individually or & via workshops, classes, groups & retreats (online and in person).

For more info go to:

I am based in beautiful Siskiyou County, California, USA, home of sacred Mt. Shasta & the Marble Mountain Wilderness area...however, I tend the stories and dreams of people all over the world!

I do workshops everywhere!

I am looking for:

1) Prayers & Good Intentions!
2)Positive support via collaborations with people interested in my work (and who I feel I can support in return);
3) Honest, tech-savvy, individuals to help me grow my vision to reach more women, via creating an on-line version of my Soul Callings workshops.
4) Referrals Welcome!


My mission and passion is to help you tap into your own dreaming psyche via dream work, writing, art, and other mediums; to empower you to learn more about yourself and your purpose for being on the planet. I will give you the safe place and tools in order to bring out your passion....and to go for it (whatever that may be)!

My Gift To You

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Donna May


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