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Act, believe, and dream! That’s what the Authentic Business Directory is all about.

What a novel concept to spring into action, to define your belief, and then…perchance to dream! Those three words, placed in exactly that order, may have the power to shift the current paradigm.

How many of us approach the whole concept from the opposite direction? We spend so much time dreaming and struggling to believe in our dreams, that we are often utterly exhausted and completely confused when it comes time to take action. Then too, in a world that quite often seems to undermine our dreams and beliefs, it is sometimes difficult to discern the appropriate action to take.

The Authentic Business Directory has an inventory of everything from meditation techniques to free software. Very few on this planet, no matter how spiritually evolved, can hope to exist comfortably without earning some money, but the emphasis on business with this outfit is on what you “make it your business to do,” and how you can support and be supported by others, rather than being singularly motivated with supporting yourself.

The ABD is a virtual location for making connections, sharing resources, and collaborating with like-minded individuals. The ABD stresses the importance of experiencing the warmth of our shared humanity rather than fixating on the quest for amassing cold hard cash.

There is also an inherent understanding in this evolving community that the capability of giving is balanced by the ability to receive, and that the concept of competition in business can be eliminated if we are all encouraged to live out our passions, thus contributing to the good of the “all of us.”

The ABD challenges the status quo in a number of ways, by placing the heart above the “bottom line” as regards providing services, and by encouraging members to engage with one another and share their passions and dreams for the common good rather than struggling to be successful at the expense of others.

With a variety of shared resources to offer, presented on a clean and easily navigable interface devoid of annoying advertisements and pesky pop-ups, the possibilities for this revolutionary enterprise are certainly infinite.

But what about marketing? Well, okay. There is currently a lovely calendar for sale in the community shop which is billed as being able to tell you which day it is. What a lovely way to put it. Clever, concise, simple, and true!

If you’re looking for deceptive, hands-on-top-of-the-car marketing, you won’t find it here. What you will find are friends, ideas, and inspiration in a community without a hierarchy or guru, where every member is equally important and encouraged to contribute what they have to offer.

Another highlight of the ABD is the Friday night Greetin’ Meetin’ that provides a great way to meet people and get a glimpse into what is going on in the ABD community and how all of that might evolve. Afterward you might be invited to have a cocktail in the virtual pub. What a nice touch!

Written by Ivy Burrowes, for the ABD


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